2021 Syndicate Results

Syndicate annual results1 ranged from a profit of 71% NPE (Net Premium Earned) to a loss of 107% NPE for those syndicates trading in 2021, excluding RITC syndicates.

The overall market weighted average profit1 for syndicates trading in 2021 (excluding RITC syndicates) was 7.0% of NPE.

The weighted average overall results1 by quartile were:
Top quartile +20.5% NPE
Second quartile +8.8% NPE
Third quartile +0.3% NPE
Fourth quartile -14.7% NPE

The overall loss1 for the bottom quartile of syndicates, representing 11% of total NPE, represented 24% of the overall market profit for those syndicates trading in 2021.

1 Excluding capital-related returns (primarily investment returns on Funds at Lloyd’s deposited at the syndicate level); a limited number of syndicates hold capital at the syndicate level and these returns have been excluded to achieve comparability between syndicates.

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Syndicate Continuity Opinions (SCOs) – taking into account cross-cycle Returns on Capital and Group support – have been assigned to active syndicates representing some 71% of the market’s capacity, with quantitative Scorecard Indicators assigned to syndicates representing c.93% of the market’s capacity.

With a combined experience of the Lloyd’s market of over 50 years, our team produces research which is used by clients the world over.

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