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Download our How Lloyd's Works document for further information on:

  • Lloyd's basic structure
  • Counterparty analysis
  • The basis of Lloyd's security
  • Claims Negotiation and Funding at Lloyd's
  • What happens when a business fails at Lloyd's
  • The main Operating Entities at Lloyd's
  • The different forms of Lloyd's Accounting
  • Lloyd's overseas Trust Funds
  • Lloyd's Insurance Company (China) Limited
  • Equitas
  • Letters of Credit for Funds at Lloyd's
  • Lloyd's Reporting Timetable.

Frequently Asked QuestionsExpand all answers

What reports do you issue as part of your service?

Please refer to “About us”, “Our Services” for an overview of the reports that are issued. For a more detailed explanation of what is available under our service, please refer to “How to Use SRLs Lloyds Market Service - Whats Where“.

When do you issue your reports?

The Continuity Opinion Profiles are issued 3 times per year in February/March, July and December. If there are material changes affecting a syndicate, we will issue an update at other times during the year.

Why do you not issue reports as soon as the syndicate accounts are issued in April?

We need to enter all the syndicate data into our databases and get that checked prior to issuing any reports. That process means that the data is not ready for review until May.

The syndicate reports are updated between April and early July and then sent to the respective agents for review for factual inaccuracies or the inadvertent inclusion of confidential information prior to issue.
Our aim is to ensure that the reports when issued are as accurate as possible; hence there is a lead time between the issue of the syndicate accounts and our reports in July.

We aim to issue the data files for the syndicates in May, after the data has been entered and checked, so that the calculated ratios are available prior to the issue of our Continuity Opinion profiles in July.

What is the legal basis of the Lloyd's of London insurance market?

Please refer to our report “How Lloyd's Works” which gives an explanation of the legal basis of the market.

I am used to analysing insurance companies; what is the equivalent of a syndicate's capital?

Please refer to ‘Sources and Priority for Funding Policyholder Claims’ under ‘Claims Negotiations and Funding at Lloyd’s’ in our report “How Lloyd's Works” which gives an explanation of the legal basis of the market and an explanation of the capital supporting a syndicate.

Please note that members support syndicates on a several basis and their capital can be exposed to the results of other syndicates; reference the relevant section in “How Lloyd's Works” and the details disclosed on page 2 of our profiles in terms of dedicated capital.